Mixed Reality, often shortened to MR, is like a delightful blend of the real world and the digital one, kind of like mixing chocolate with vanilla to get a tasty swirl. Imagine you’re in your room and, with the help of special glasses or a headset, suddenly there’s a dancing cartoon cat on your table, and it looks like it’s really there; but when you reach out, your hand won’t touch it because it’s a digital creation.

The mixed reality doesn’t just stick digital things in your world; it lets them interact with real stuff, like the cat avoiding a cup when it dances around. So, with Mixed Reality, you get a magical mix where the real and the pretend play together.

Spectrums of Mixed Reality

Reality (Our Everyday World)

At the most basic level, there’s the world around us, which we experience every single day. Think of when you wake up in the morning, stretch out your arms, and feel the softness of your blanket, or when you step outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your face. That’s all real. This isn’t about gadgets or technology; it’s just the natural, unchanged world we live in.

Augmented Reality (AR – Digital Add-ons to the Real World)

Now, let’s imagine you put on a special pair of glasses, and suddenly, there are little floating notifications in front of you, maybe showing your emails or the weather. Or perhaps you see arrows on the road while walking, guiding you to the nearest coffee shop. That’s Augmented Reality. It’s like someone took the real world and added a few digital stickers or notes to it.

Augmented Virtuality (AV – Real Things in the Digital World)

This is a little bit of a flip. Instead of adding digital stuff to our world, Augmented Virtuality is about bringing real-world things into a virtual space. Picture this: you’re playing a computer game where everything is made up, but suddenly, there’s a real video of your friend inside that game, waving at you.

Mixed Reality (MR – Where the Real and Digital Worlds Truly Mix)

Now, things get even more magical. With Mixed Reality, the digital and the real worlds don’t just coexist; they interact with each other. Let’s say you’re wearing a special headset, and you see a digital cat on your real table. But here’s the twist: if you put a book in front of the cat, it jumps onto it!

This means the virtual cat “knows” and “reacts” to the real book. It’s a fascinating dance between what’s real and what’s created by computers, where they don’t just exist side by side but can also touch, push, pull, and play with each other.

Virtual Reality (VR – A Completely Digital Dive)

And then, at the far end of our spectrum, there’s Virtual Reality. With VR, it’s like you’ve dived headfirst into a computer game or a digital movie. When you wear a VR headset, the real world disappears, and everything you see, hear, and sometimes even feel is made by computers.


So, the next time you hear someone talk about these terms, just remember this spectrum. It’s like a sliding scale, starting from our very real world and sliding into a world created by bits and bytes. The beauty of it all is in the blending – seeing how the real and the digital can come together in so many amazing ways.


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