Sometimes, when cleaning at home using your pressure washer, you can experience some difficulties due to some minor damage to the garden hose. However, a Kink-Proof Garden hose will likely cause fewer troubles when handling your cleaning services. But then, the garden hoses are prone to danger, and even the kink-resistant ones can get some kinks while using them. Therefore, when such incidences happen, you need to find ways to rectify the situation and continue working. That is why this article explores different approaches you can take to troubleshoot your garden hose. Read on to understand better.

How you can Fix Kinks on Your Garden Hose.

Before we look into ways to repair a kinked hose, the following are some of the causes that make the garden hose kink. You can avoid some by making sure you handle the hose as required.

Poor storage– When you store a garden hose in a busy place, something or someone can step on it several, thus loosening the hose’s grip and causing kinks. Also, not all hoses can withstand the heat from direct sunlight. When subjected to continuous heat from the sun, the hose will develop kinks.

Old hose – An old garden hose has helped in several cleaning activities, which subjects it to getting worn out and tear. As a result, it is likely to develop kinks.

Poor quality garden hose – Sometimes, buying a cheap hose can imply the material used are weak. In the end, the hose can easily develop kinks when in use.

Fixing the kinks.

In case your hose has developed kinks despite its quality, you can troubleshoot the issue and keep using your hose instead of buying a new one. Use the following ideas.

  • Straightening the kinked areas.

As soon as the kinks develop in our garden hose for the first time, you can untangle it since the kinks aren’t too much. When cleaning with your hose and noticing a decreased water flow, examine the hose keenly and straighten the kinked area to void more kinks from developing.

  • Remove the kinked parts

Sometimes, the kinks on the garden hose can be extreme, and you cannot repair the affected part in any way. The only solution is cutting off the section. After cutting the kinked section, you join the good parts again and fit the hose again.

  • Use splints/kink braces

When the kinks develop on the hose for a long period, you will require kink braces to rectify the damaged section. These braces are available in any hardware dealing with garden hoses. However, you can also modify them by making them from old pipes or by cutting some sections of the hose and fixing the kinked parts.

Note: When making the braces at home, ensure they fit into the pipe swell and are tight enough to prevent the hose from collapsing on the kinked section.


Garden hoses are available in different forms. However, whichever hose you buy, you must handle it with care to avoid kinks from developing. In case the kinks start developing, you can rectify the issue early using the tips above.


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