Garbage disposals serve as wondrous appliances that help you get rid of unwanted food wastes in a jiffy. While these appliances are normally self-cleaning, regular maintenance keeps unwanted odors at bay and keeps your garbage disposal system in perfect working condition. Here are a few simple ways on how to clean garbage disposal:

Remove Lodged Object

garbage disposal newBefore you initiate the cleaning session, physically remove any lodged objects that may be trapped in your garbage disposal. However, don’t forget to turn off the fuse before you begin. Use tongs or pliers to remove trapped objects in the disposal. Be careful not to damage the inner parts of the grinder. Also, avoid putting your hand in the machine at all costs to avoid accidents. If you need to, double check to ensure the machine has been switched off.

Flush With Water

Flushing down loads of water and turning on the tap will help remove unwanted dirt and debris. Simply put a stopper on the garbage disposal unit and squirt a small of amount of dish soap towards the entry. Now, let the hot water run down the sink until it is up to 2 to 4 inches.

Then, pull out the plug and switch on the garbage disposal again, allowing hot water to flush through. Always use hot water instead of cold since it will help liquefy any grease and oil in the drain, cleaning it out. This method is more effective than simply running the tap since it completely rinses out built-up debris from the system.

Use Ice Cubes

Grinding salt and ice cubes is a fairly simple way to remove dirt and debris that may have attached to the walls of your garbage disposal. For this method, simply pour two cups of ice into the machine followed by a cupful of rock salt.

clean a garbage disposalSimply allow the salt and ice to get crushed by the machine’s blades. As an alternative on how to clean garbage disposal, you can also use a combination of ice and vinegar if you don’t have rock salt at hand. Apart from keeping the unit clean, grinding ice cubes will also sharpen the blades and keep unwanted odors at bay.

However, this method might not be beneficial for models that do not feature blades. For example, InSinkErator garbage disposals use impellers instead of blades. So, while ice cubes can still be used to clean a few components of the machine, the ice is prone to melt before it completely cleans the unit.

Citrus Fruits

Using citrus fruit slices is another conventional way of how to clean garbage disposal by keeping bad odors at bay and neutralizing the smell of food waste. Simply slice citrus fruits, such as lemons and oranges, and toss the wedges down the sink one at a time, followed by a steady stream of cold water.

Citrus wedges and fruit rinds will give off a refreshing scent while citrus acid will eliminate odors. You can also toss harder fruits, such as peaches. Simply slice the fruit in half and toss in the pit too. The hard pit will dislodge food waste stuck inside the system.

Rinse With A Little Bleach

Looking for a quick and easy way to effectively kill germs and freshen up the drain? Consider rinsing the garbage disposer with a little bit of bleach. While bleach is an inexpensive and convenient way to remove germs, be careful not to use too much since it can harden your garbage disposal unit, making it even harder to clean.

For this method, simply dilute a few tablespoons of liquid chlorine with a gallon of water and pour it down the machine. Allow the mixture to sit for a couple of minutes and then turn on the hot water tap. Allow the water to stream down for several minutes to remove any traces of bleach.

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